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American Idiot the Musical

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Incredible Show! May 09, 2013

Saw the show on 5/8/13 and I was JUST BLOWN AWAY! It was incredibly energetic, great dancing, and of course the music of Green Day from raging to beautiful. The ensemble singing was fantastic and so were most, but not all, of the individual singers. It's not like any other show I've ever seen. It's more like an ensemble concert with a live band onstage (NOT in the pit). Sort of like Les Misérables except with a punk-pop soundtrack (and it was LOUD, although not painfully so or distorted - it is Green Day, after all, just be prepared). There is little actual dialog although it has a fairly strong plot - basically the story of Billy Joe Armstrong's life (Green Day lead singer/guitarist) as told through his songs throughout his career. But it touches on many big themes - love, family, commitment, country, service, war, drug use, redemption. All in all, I'd say not to miss this show!

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