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Anne Arundel Medical Center

  • Address:
    2001 Medical Parkway
    Annapolis, MD 21401
  • Phone:
    410-573-0203 (Alternate)
    800-636-8773 (TDD)
    443-481-1150 (Alternate)
    443-481-5360 (Alternate)
    443-481-4080 (Alternate)
    443-481-4000 (Alternate)
    443-481-1000 (Phone)
  • Hours:

    [We're open right now!] 

    Open 24 hours

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Additional Details
Specialties Outpatient Physical & Occupational Therapy, Staffed by Registered Nurses, Staffed by Health Care Professionals, Physician Referrals, Physician Referral, Health Information, Health Care Information, Free Service, Confidential Service, Confidential, and ATM Walk-Up
Qualifications & Certifications Speech Language Pathology and Physical Therapists
Pulmonary Emphysema Medication Brethine
Facility Features Hospitals

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