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Baltimore Charm Lingerie Football

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    Royal Farms Arena
    201 W. Baltimore St. , Baltimore , MD , 21201
  • Phone:
    410-347-2020 (Phone)
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    Baltimore's girls of the gridiron take the field at 1st Mariner. Support Charm City's newest sports team, the Baltimore Charm, by getting out and rooting for the home team.

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Baltimore Charm

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Sexy, Athletic, Women November 15, 2011

Good gracious.

Why, for women, so some people think athletics has to be a choice between athletic ability and feminity?

The women of Baltmore Charm and the LFL hit hard, run hard, throw hard, can catch, are athletic . . . whats not to love?

Why is it terrible for the audience, men and women, to enjoy athletic, powerful, AND sexy ladies playing football?

Look at Serena and Venus Williams. They are top Tennis Pros who look sexy and try to design sexy clothes to play in, should we look down on them?

Women can be sexy and athletic at the same time, and that is going to be more entertaining and sell more than women playing sports and alienating what makes the women and not men - their femininity

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Loving the Charm September 15, 2011

I'm sure every one of these women is being compensated generously for their efforts. No one is forcing them to do this against their will, and they clearly are having fun. In a dull, cruel world, sexiness can be a great remedy to make life just a little bit easier for us. You should try it some time!

Go, Charm, go! We love ya!!!

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Wow. September 14, 2011

This is so sexist and demeaning to women. Why is it that when women do something like this, they always have to be sexy when doing it? What kind of message does this send to young people, boys and girls alike, about the value and potential of human females?

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