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Baltimore Summer Restaurant Week 2014

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  • Price:
    Dinner: $20-$30; Lunch: $25
  • Venue:
    Downtown Baltimore
    Charles Street and Pratt Street , Baltimore , MD , 21201
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    It's the ninth summer edition of Baltimore Restaurant Week. Pick a fixed-price dinner for either $20 or $30. Dur­ing the 10-day event, partic­ipating restaurants will offer three-course fixed-price dinner menus for either $20 or $30 (but not both). Some restaurants will also offer a two-course lunch, consisting of an appetizer and entree, priced at $15.

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Summer Restaurant Week

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who goes to these? July 30, 2014

I've never understood who goes to restaurants during restaurant week. You pay as much if not more money to have a menu that has been reduced to 1/4 of the usual size and deal with crowds. What exactly is the draw here? And don't worry, if you miss it the powers that be almost always magically extend it for a week after it's over.

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Just not worth it in Baltimore August 04, 2014

This is great for people who want to feel like they're getting a deal. Not so much for those who actually want to get a deal.

Most of the top restaurants don't even participate. And for those that do, you end up spending around the same amount you would during a regular week. You're also locked into dessert, which most people never order. Now you end up spending even more... On top of that you have to deal with crowds and overworked servers and staff.

Might be worth it in someplace like NYC where some of the top restaurants in the world participate and you can actually save some money. But in Baltimore, no thanks.

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Additional Details
Worth Noting Participating restaurants have pledged support the Journey Home, Baltimore's "10-Year Plan to End Homelessness."

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