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Beyond Baseball: The Life of Roberto Clemente

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Roberto Clemente

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Pretty much pointless December 13, 2011

I really hate trashing a museum and a non-profit. So don't take me as a net troll or axe grider of some sort...but save your money.

This is one of the worst exhibits I've ever seen. It would have been a waste if it was free. But 8 bucks plus another 7 to park?

It was so underwhelming (and really insulting) that I wrote the Smithsonian and the RFL Museum suggesting that they may not want their name attached to it.

The thing is, there's really nothing here. A series of cloth printed displays with little one or two paragraph stories on them. They don't really flow together, there's no unifying theme, the writing is about a 6th grade level, they do nothing to let you know WHY he was so important to baseball and more importantly, the Latino community. The best thing I can offer is that they were also done in Spanish. Which had they included anything about Clemente's World Series Interview done in Spanish, would have meant something.

Just really, really poorly done and offering no insight to the man and his heroic life.

Memorabilia? There's one item - a store bought Roberto Clemente bat that says, "brown scuff marks indicate it might have been used in a game." Huh?

Those of you looking to experience the true meaning of Roberto Clemente Walker, check out the American Experience program from PBS. That was a brilliant piece of storytelling.


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