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Blue Hill Tavern

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Flawless every visit! April 03, 2011

I've been to BHT on four occasions, twice personal and twice with colleagues. All four visits were out-of-the-park!

It is difficult to find a restaurant that combines atmosphere with excellent food in Baltimore but BHT has yet to disappoint.

I find myself driving home thinking of a good reason to go back.

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Living off their reputation February 28, 2011

I will not go back to this restaurant. My wife and I had a nice meal for around $100. Nothing fancy. A nice meal. My waiter said an entre I was interested in came with fingerling potatoes. I asked the waiter if there was another option for the potatoes. He said "sure - mashed potatoes". So I ordered my entre with the mashed potatoes. My wife had the same thing. Then when our bill came it was $4 higher than the price on the menu. When I asked the waiter about the discrepancy he advised the up-charge was for switching the potatoes. Really? I left there very annoyed about that, so I told the manager. He didn't seem to care that I was annoyed. He advised me that is how their "system" worked. Great. Not very customer friendly. It appears this restaurant is living off the good food reviews they've received since they opened two years ago. They showed no concern to me whatsoever, and I live in the neighborhood. I will not go back.
Another issue was, after we ordered our meal another couple came in and sat at a table next to us. They had a different waiter than we did. Their waiter proceeded to explain the specials they were offering that night and how those dishes were prepared. Our waiter said nothing to us about any specials. My wife turned to me and said "I think I would've liked one of those specials instead of what I ordered". Too late now. I also mentioned this to the manager after our meal and he said "all our servers have their own style" and left it at that. No apology or anything. Nothing. Sorry. We have a good reputation and no longer have to care about people. Great attitude. Living off the initial reviews has left Blue Hill Tavern with an inflated opinion of themselves. I will not be back.

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