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Bluegrass Tavern

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Fine dining in SOBO January 24, 2012

When Bluegrass Tavern opened in 2010 my wife and I were thrilled! Finally, we could walk to a fine restaurant rather than having to drive across town and both of us could enjoy our drink without worrying about the car. Blugrass is superior on all areas of the dining experience. They change the menu regularly and as a result have kept options fresh for the diner. My last visit they prepared a Korean inspired flank steak with kimchee-spiced potato salad; outstanding! My wife had a seared halibut that was also top notch. We visit Bluegrass at least once a month due to location (2 blocks from our house) but mainly because we have never had anything but a fantastic meal there. Add in Kelli behind the bar and all of your mixology dreams come true in an instant. She was an inspired hire from the Wine Market, one of the few bartenders in Baltimore that has an active following. She is great, knows the bourbon list as well as the wine. Last visit she picked out a Mark West Pino Noir that was wonderful, so good we bought a bottle (Bluegrass has a liquor license that allows sale of everything they have on the menu, wine and liquor) for after dinner. Just a wonderful restaurant, great service, with the option for quiet atmosphere in their 2 dinner areas or louder boisterous atmosphere in the 2 bar areas. They are always busy, Tuesday night through Sunday night, you'll need a reservation on main dinning nights after 7pm. We have never been disappointed with a meal there, and they have the best selection of unique whiskeys, bourbons, and ryes anywhere in the Baltimore area!

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