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Carrol's Creek Cafe

  • Address:
    410 Severn Ave.
    Ste 100
    Annapolis, MD 21403
  • Phone:
    410-269-1406 (Alternate)
    410-263-8102 (Phone)
  • Hours:

    [We're open right now!] 

    Monday-Saturday 11:30am-4pm
    Sunday 5pm-10pm
    Sunday 10am-2pm
  • Description:

    Every seat in the main dining room a scenic view of Spa Creek. But man doesn't live on views alone, and Carrol's Creek wouldn't have endured as an Eastport favorite if it weren't also serving good grilled fish, steaks and chops. --Richard Gorelick


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Additional Details
Menu Items Appetizers and Seafood
Qualifications & Certifications Caterers
Restaurant Style Cafes
Special Considerations Free Parking
Services Restaurants and Cafes

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