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Frisco Taphouse and Brewery

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Frisco Taphouse

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KB in Catonsville
2 out of 5 starsstarstarstarstar
Frisco Taphouse October 20, 2011

We went there last night after reading the review in the Sun. The beer was very good. The food was just OK. The epanada was good but small. I ordered the corn " dogs ". It wasn't two dogs but, one cut in half and dipped on two skewers along with about six onion rings.My wife had the steak fajita. Not a lot of steak. The atmosphere could be better. Although only about 1/3 of the tables were full, it was very loud. We had to almost yell to each other to be heard from across the table. The acoustics are very bad. Our bill came to $60.00
Over all I would give it a two star rating.

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