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Great Grapes Wine and Food Festival

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    Oregon Ridge Park
    13401 Beaver Dam Road , Cockeysville , MD , 21030
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    410-887-1818 (Phone)
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    This festival celebrates its 12th anniversary by delivering hundreds of premiere wine selections and hors d'oeuvres in a picturesque setting.

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Great Grapes Wine and Food Festival

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Epic Fail June 03, 2013

Let me start by saying I have been to this event a few times before, so we were very excited to be bringing new people with us to the event. However, we were not allowed into the event. All four of us are veterans and we had with us a service/guide dog in training (part of the Wounded Warrior Program), and apparently it is not okay to bring them in. We showed proper paperwork for the Dog who was in full vest as well, and tried to explain that MD Code, Art. 24, ยง 11-502 allows us access but were still asked to leave. Asked might not be the right word as we were more forcefully told to leave. Which we did, but want to be sure that all sponsors and individuals entering the facility know their stance on service/guide dogs. Great Grapes should be ashamed of themselves, as turning us away with a service dog in training is the very same thing, legally (and yes, I Am ANAL, but the MD code covering this is pretty clear on the subject), as turning away a blind person with a service dog. We did write to the Individuals running Great Grapes and were told "Thank you for your email. It has been received and we will take your comments under advisement. Thank you for supporting the local Maryland Wine industry.

Greg Nivens Founder & President of Trigger Agency"

Form letter if I ever saw one. Just SHAMEFUL! We did speak with Policeman who were outside the event and they even commented on the fact that it was just plain not right of them to do this, but it is not a criminal act just a civil one. So instead of going to court we are just letting everyone know what happened and letting them decide on whether or not to support them.

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