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Jacks is Fantastic January 24, 2012

It may not look like much but Jack's Bistro is one of the true dining gems in Baltimore. My wife and I have visited many times and have never been disappointed. Their menu is eclectic, inventive, and always enjoyable. Add in one of the most interesting and creative mixology selections I have ever scene and the best beer menus outside of Max's Taphouse and you have a wonderful dining experience from top to bottom. We visiting in late 2011 for the Stillwater tasting dinner and had a sous-vide pot roast that was so good that I thought I was eating a fine Fillet Mignon. The chocolate mac and cheese sounds unappetizing, but once you take your first bite you want the whole bowl. Every time they change the menu we are always looking for a night to fit Jack's into our schedule. Our only problems with Jack's is that when they are busy (which is almsot every night) seating can be tight. Don't expect an intimate evening, seating can be shared with others (tables of 4 are broken up for parties of 2 to conserve space). Other than that minor issue Jack's is one of Baltimore's best; their food is exceptional, service is always top notch and you can even talk to the chef to express your gratitude for a wonderful meal.

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Menu Items Crabcakes and Lamb
Ambiance Casual Dining

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