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Kali's Court Mezze

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Kali's Court Mezze

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Unfriendly Welcome April 05, 2012

I arrived at Mezze on Wednesday (April 4th) to join to friends for dinner. They had texted me that they were seated in an upstairs dining room. When I arrived, the owner (?) blocked me as I attempted to climb the stairs and asked me if I needed help. I said I was meeting two friends upstairs and he said "are you sure they are upstairs?", to which I answered yes. He said he thought I was wrong and then he looked me up and down as if I were there to rob the place but ultimately let me pass. Needless to say, my evening was ruined by his "reception". I decided to only join my friends for a drink and vowed never to dine at this restaurant. I initially thought his rudeness was due to my being black, but there were at least two other blacks upstairs. I came directly from my job at as executive at a major local institution, where I routinely wear coat and tie, so it could not have been my attire. Whatever the issue, I have absolutely no interest in frequenting this establishment in the future, and I will be sure to inform all of my friends so that they are spared a similar experience.

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