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Manny Machado autograph-signing

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    Current Orioles third-baseman Manny Machado will make an appearance at the sports-memorabilia shop and sign autographs. (Flat items, baseballs and mini helments $79. Bats and helmets $99. Jerseys $139.)

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Manny Machado

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WTF September 03, 2013

$79 for an f'ing autograph. What a crock of doo doo. The Orioles and manny should b ashamed of themselves. Just sign the photos for free. Iw ould pay an athlete making millions of $$ for an autograph. They can kiss my rear end!

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Great Moments September 02, 2013

Yeah, a truly Great Moment having to pay upwards of $79 for an autograph. It's bad enough the money these guys make now, but they also have to take advantage of fans by charging these kind of prices. Of course they do it for the fans.
I remember going to a laundromat in Irvington and Steve Barber was there for the morning signing autographs...for free....Yeah I know I'm old...but those guys realized that without the fans they would have to find a real job.

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