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Nacho Mama's

Top Pick
  • Address:
    2907 ODonnell St.
    Baltimore, MD 21224
  • Phone:
    410-675-0898 (Alternate)
    410-342-2922 (Phone)
  • Hours:
    Monday-Sunday 11am-12:30am
  • Description:

    Such a high ranking isn't a tribute to Patrick "Scunny" McCusker, the bar's beloved owner who unexpectedly died this year, but rather a recognition of his establishment's continued excellence. A favorite of O'Donnell Square, Nacho Mama's has long been a favorite of Canton residents, politicians and everyone in between, thanks to its loveably tacky decor (Elvis, everywhere!) and laid back atmosphere. Even Michael Phelps couldn't resist telling his 1.4 million Twitter followers that Nacho Mama's is one of his favorite spots in the city. It's normally cramped, but the wait is worth it, especially when a hubcap full of the house margarita finally arrives.

    --Wesley Case


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Nacho Mama's

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