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  • Address:
    4001 Coastal Highway
    Ocean City, MD 21842
  • Phone:
    800-OC-OCEAN (Phone)
  • Description:

    Ocean City, a 10-mile-long strip in Worcester County, Md., is a favorite East Coast vacation spot, hosting 8 million visitors each year. The town was founded in 1875 with the opening of its first hotel and incorporated five years later as a municipality.

    The inlet was formed when a series of hurricanes hit Ocean City in the 1930s and it separated from what is now Assateague Island. Post-war, a major business boom hit Ocean City and hundreds of hotels, condominiums and restaurants were built. Following the completion of the Bay Bridge in 1952, Ocean City became easily accessible to citizens across Maryland.

    The town has about 8,000 full-time residents, but it buzzes with life in the summer. The town is popular for hosting each year "Senior Week," or "Beach Week," for recently graduated high-schoolers.

    One of Ocean City's highlights is its 3-mile-long boardwalk, featuring a pier, an amusement park, arcades, concessions and souvenir shops.

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