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Rustic Inn

1.65 out of 5 (3 user ratings)

  • Address:
    11415 Philadelphia Road
    White Marsh, MD 21162
  • Phone:
    410-256-1351 (Alternate)
    410-256-1566 (Phone)
  • Hours:

    [We're open right now!] 

    Monday-Sunday 10am-2am
  • Description:

    With its stone walls and wooded setting, this White Marsh bar is indeed, rustic and kind of cozy. The kitchen only offers pizza, but there are pool tables and a horseshoe pit along with a jukebox to keep you happy.

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Rustic Inn

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3 out of 5 starsstarstarstarstar
Good Chuck May 01, 2011

Pizza is not their only dish. The menu includes Crab Cakes, Steak meal deals, Steak Subs, Burgers, Dogs, Tacos, Appitizers including Wings, Chicken Strips, Mozz Sticks, Fries and specialties dreamed up by the cooks. Come in and see the full menu. It's still Rustic and very, very friendly. If you don't make a friend there; You don't deserve one!!

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1 out of 5 starsstarstarstarstar
the rustic inn December 27, 2012

So I'm writing a review about an area slum bar called the rustic inn. First the lady that owns the bar is a dishonest drunk that's all she does is feeds liquor to her employees which is against the law but that's not the kicker she pays off on her poker machines there is an envelope in every register for the machines all the liquor board has to do is check this lady don't even claim half of her earnings so in saying all this I think this dump should be shut down

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1 out of 5 starsstarstarstarstar

The woman who claims to own the building, NOT the bar business, apparently lives upstairs from the bar. She comes down & screams at bikers and calls them names. She claims that the area is a “wildlife sanctuary” and that the loud exhaust pipes are scaring the animals. It is a BAR. It has been a BAR for years. Why do you have a BAR in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary? She is a real nut job. The business will not survive if they continue to allow the crazy lady upstairs to dictate what goes on in the bar. THIS IS NOT A BIKER FRIENDLY BAR!

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