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Whole Foods Market

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  • Address:
    1330 Smith Ave.
    Ste E
    Baltimore, MD 21209
  • Phone:
    410-532-7004 (Phone)
  • Hours:

    [We're open right now!] 

    Monday-Saturday 8am-10pm
    Sunday 8am-9pm
  • Description:
    Whole Foods has enough stand-alone stores built expressly for the purpose of serving up natural foods at astronomical prices that it's somewhat overpowering to walk into this store—built in the shell of an old mill—and see what the store can do within size limitations. There's everything you'd expect from a Whole Foods, of course, but with some architectural style to boot.

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Vegetarian-friendly February 25, 2011

What I love the most about this market is that they cater extremely well to vegetarians. The vegetarian options on the shelves (frozen, refrigerated and otherwise) are terrific, and the prepared food always includes multiple soy dishes and other full vegetarian-meal options. (Carnivores, fear not, there's plenty of meat, poultry, etc., for you.) My only gripe is that the place's prices are not shy. They're pretty high -- especially for the prepared food and salad bar. But I do love this place.

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